Your MBE Confidence Boost

With AdaptiBar’s patented, adaptive technology, licensed MBE questions, and diagnostic tools, you will receive the best possible preparation for the MBE portion of the bar exam. AdaptiBar provides explanations for every question and tracks your performance in every subject and subtopic to accurately predict your MBE score.


Patented, adaptive technology
The algorithm quickly recognizes the areas of the MBE in which you excel and those where you have difficulty.
Practice Questions
A comprehensive collection of nearly every licensed question released by the NCBE from past bar exams.
Practice Exams
Simulate real test-like conditions by taking custom exams or NCBE Practice Exams that include all seven MBE subjects being presented in the same proportions as they are tested on the actual MBE.
Subject performance analysis
Track your progress in every subject and subtopic over time through multiple performance charts.
Timing performance analysis
Monitor the time it takes you to answer each question, allowing you to develop and refine your internal timing.
Online Flashcards
1,000+ online flashcards providing a substantive review in all 7 MBE subjects. Customize the flashcard presentation to meet your individual studying needs.

Supplemental Upgrade

Video Lectures
Concise video lectures covering all 7 MBE subjects presented by Professor Jonathan Grossman, the country’s top MBE expert. He covers not only black letter law and its application, but also how to approach an MBE question.