AdaptiBar MBE Simulator & Prep

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The AdaptiBar MBE Simulator & Prep program includes licensed MBE questions, adaptive technology, and the diagnostic tools needed to evaluate performance. Bundle with Flashcards and/or Video Lectures during checkout for significant savings.

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With AdaptiBar’s patented, adaptive technology, licensed MBE questions, and diagnostic tools, you will receive the best possible preparation for the MBE portion of the bar exam. AdaptiBar provides explanations for every question, tracks your performance in every subject and subtopic, and determines your optimal timing for answering questions in order to accurately predict your MBE score. 

The algorithm learns your strengths and weaknesses to automatically present MBE questions in a way that focuses on your weaknesses without neglecting your strengths. This maximizes your study time by making the experience more efficient. AdaptiBar also monitors the time it takes you to answer each question, allowing you to develop and refine your internal timing. Timing Performance calculates your "sweet spot," or the time at which you answered the most questions with the greatest accuracy.

AdaptiBar’s 1,000+ online flashcards provide a substantive review in all 7 MBE subjects. Designed by legal experts, these flashcards are a perfect study tool to master the black letter law. AdaptiBar video lectures are presented by Professor Jonathan Grossman, the country’s top MBE expert. He has years of experience distilling black letter law into concise, understandable portions, and is also equally well-versed in teaching students how to apply that knowledge on the MBE.