Salinas's MBEs for the MBE: Mnemonics, Blueprints, and Examples for the Multistate Bar Examination

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The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) heavily influences whether you pass the bar exam. But studying for the MBE can be a daunting challenge. There’s just so much law to learn and review and, often, not enough time to make you feel comfortable and confident in your test preparation. This creative and easy-to-read book provides valuable tools to help you study for the MBE more effectively and efficiently. It also provides access to AdaptiBar® questions and answers so that you have multiple opportunities to practice recalling and applying the substantive law throughout your bar preparation.

This book delivers on its title. A large part of the book includes summaries (or “Blueprints”) of the seven substantive areas of law tested on the MBE: Civil Procedure, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law/Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Property and Torts. The Blueprints are included at the beginning of each chapter for each substantive area of law. Within each chapter are memorization strategies and techniques (or “Mnemonics”) to help you better categorize and recall the immense amount of black letter law tested on the MBE. Each chapter also has separated, highlighted rules and tips for the commonly tested subtopics on the MBE, and each highlighted rule is listed in the book’s appendix as a short review of the substantive law. Each chapter also includes AdaptiBar® questions and answers (or “Examples”)—in the text and on an online platform—where you can practice answering multiple-choice questions and assess and reinforce your understanding of the substantive law covered in the book.

With over 500 highlighted rules, numerous mnemonics, and 150 practice questions, this book is an excellent resource for anyone reviewing the substantive law tested on the MBE. This book can be a stand-alone textbook for a bar preparation course focused on the MBE. It can also be used as a supplement to traditional bar vendor materials. Lastly, as usefully described in Chapter 2, this book can be used by 1Ls as a supplement to their law studies. So, this book can help you transition to the study of law, and it can help you pass the law licensing exam!

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