Gorman, Ginsburg, and Reese's Copyright Cases and Materials, 10th

Foundation Press
Primary Subject
Intellectual Prop-Copyright
University Casebook Series
Publication Date


With stimulating questions and discussion problems, comprehensive notes, and teachable and well-edited cases as its hallmarks, this is the authoritative law school casebook for the study of Copyright Law. The book presents up-to-date materials dealing both with new technologies and with the more "traditional" issues in the field.

Topics that receive particular attention include:

  • The copyrightability of AI-generated or -assisted works;
  • The copyrightability of works having a functional character, including compilations, computer programs, and the problem of applied art;
  • The application of the rights of distribution and public performance and display to the digital environment;
  • New developments in the fair use doctrine, including the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision in Google v. Oracle, and its 2023 decision in Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith;
  • The caselaw on the limited liability of internet service providers;
  • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act's provisions on technological protection measures and copyright management information are also covered, through well-selected cases and analysis of successive Copyright Office Rulemakings.

Materials on derivative works, copyright registration, copyright duration, termination of transfers, and fair use have been substantially reorganized to take account of new developments and to present these complicated topics to students in a more easily understandable manner.

There are also more photographs illustrating current cases dealing with originality and infringement. The casebook continues its position as the outstanding book in the field—comprehensive and thorough, and stimulating and enjoyable for both teacher and students.