Blanck's Disability Law and Policy, 2d (Concepts and Insights Series)

Foundation Press
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Disability Law
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The second edition of Disability Law and Policy provides an updated overview of the major themes and insights in disability law and serves as a compelling compendium of stories about how our legal system has responded to the needs of impacted individuals. It also charts significant concerns about the welfare of people with disabilities that have been raised by the turbulent years of the pandemic and the rapid developments of technologies that are not always accessible to all who need to use them.

In the thirty-plus years since the 1990 enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act, huge strides have been made in protecting and improving the rights of people with disabilities to have equal access to all aspects of the worlds around them, both physical and virtual. But these worlds are still all-too-often designed and built without considering the fact that nearly every human being has experienced, or will experience, at least a period of “disability” during their lifetime that makes accessing everyday constructs of our society difficult or impossible. So the work continues, led both by long-term advocates and people who were not yet born when the ADA was signed into law.

Author Peter Blanck, one of those long-term advocates, is University Professor & Chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University. He is world-renowned for his wide-ranging work in the disability field. As Professor Lex Frieden, former Chairperson of the National Council on Disability and another renowned long-term advocate, writes in his updated Foreword, “Peter . . . has been central to the modern sea change in disability civil rights.” Professor Frieden also writes, “Disability Law and Policy should be read by all of us—people with the lived experience of disability and their advocates, parents, family members, and friends.”